AromaTouch massaaž

AromaTouch massage

AromaTouch massage is soft and gentle, the effects of which are enriched by pure natural therapeutic essential oils. The massage strokes the body with essential oils.

The AromaTouch massage technique was developed by the American Dr David K. Hill. The massage is performed using doTerra pure essential oils with therapeutic effects. The organic compounds of essential oils penetrate the skin and enter the blood circulation within 2 minutes and when inhaled, they influence the emotional centre of the brain within a couple of seconds. Their therapeutic quality is therefore of utmost importance.



kuni 50min / 40€

60-70 minutit kogu protsess

The AromaTouch massage has four types of effects (each type uses two essential oils):

  1. A relaxing and stress reducing effect (uses a lavender and Balance oil mixture)
  2. Supports the immune system and provides antibacterial effects (tea tree and On Guard oil mixture)
  3. Reduces inflammatory processes in nerves and muscles (Deep Blue and AromaTouch oil mixture)
  4. Creates a harmonious balance in the self-healing state (orange and peppermint)

The massage moves last for about 45-50 minutes, but you should count on 60-70 minutes for the whole process.

Essential oils with therapeutic certificates are used.

The base oil is the odourless coconut oil. The massaged areas include the back from the sacrum to the crown and the soles of the feet.

For healthy people receiving an AromaTouch massage once per month is sufficient and in case of physical or emotional imbalance, once a week. Generally, more than once per day is not recommended. The massage is not recommended for those below the age of 6.

Additional services

Hand massage (EUR 10/per time, approx. 15 min) with the oil that suits you or you like.

There are 18 different massage protocols (´a EUR 20-40) in use for alleviating different health problems. Information about these is obtainable by phone or visiting us for a consultation. Massage protocols are also suitable for children.

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