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Vibroacoustic therapy is a method of treatment that employs low frequency sounds (30-120 Hz) in combination with calming and relaxing music while the customer is lying on a special bed.


1 session 40min 20€ / 10 times card 170 €


In case of children, vibroacoustic therapy is found to help with:

  • tension headaches;
  • stammering;
  • tics (repetitive uncontrolled movements, such as blinking eyes, coughing, grimaces, shaking one’s head or shoulders);
  • enuresis (bed wetting);
  • encopresis (uncontrolled soiling characterised by the flow of fecal matter into one’s pants);
  • treatment of various psychological disorders (depression, anxiety disorders, sleeping disorders, self-harming behaviour, autism).



It case of adults, vibroacoustic therapy has been found to help with:

  • pain management (including fibromyalgia – a chronic disease characterised by fatigue and pain of muscles, tendons and connective tissues);
  • reducing muscle tension and spasms (including Parkinson’s disease);
  • easing difficulties in breathing;
  • lowering elevated blood pressure;
  • reducing menopausal symptoms;
  • Alzheimer’s disease;
  • reducing overall fatigue and exhaustion;
  • soothing psychosomatic complaints (anxiety, fear, worry, anger);
  • different headaches, vertigo;
  • tinnitus (constant ringing or buzzing in ears);
  • treatment of various psychological disorders (depression, anxiety disorders, sleeping disorders, self-harming behaviour, autism).

Speedy recovery is very important to me as an athlete because I need to be fit for training and competitions both mentally and physically. Vibroacoustic therapy provides an excellent chance for receiving a most relaxing result in a minimal amount of time and that is important to one’s fast pace of life.

In my daily work as a physiotherapist I often meet people who have a great amount of tension in their muscles and complaints caused by that tension. Classical methods of therapy may not be enough in such cases. I encourage you to give vibroacoustic therapy a chance!

– Nelli Differt

physiotherapist, Estonian fencer


Contraindications for vibroacoustic therapy include acute (conditions that are turbulent and develop quickly, with a duration of 2-3 weeks) inflammations, haemorrhages, threat of thrombosis and embolism, hypotension (low blood pressure), psychosis (disorder of cognitive conduction that is characterised by disturbances in thinking, perceptions of reality, and the abilities of adaptation and communication),  nephroptosis (clinical cases of a wandering kidney in which the kidney has shifted into a lower position or is not sufficiently connected), prosthetics or foreign organisms in the body, and subjective dislike (fear) towards the therapy method.

Precautions should also be taken in case of pregnancy, cancer, oversensitivity to vibration, epilepsy and brain damage.

More information is provided when you come for your session!

Book your session in advance if you wish to try the innovative method of therapy.

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